When it comes to the "treasure" in animal intestines and stomach, commonly known as bezoar, dog treasure and horse treasure, these three kinds are also known as the three treasures of traditional Chinese medicine. Bezoar, is the gallbladder stone of cattle or buffalo of bovine family animal; Dog is dog's stomach stone; Horse treasure, is a sick horse gastrointestinal tract from the birth of stones. As we have learned, because these three treasures are relatively rare, the price on the market is climbing all the way up, such as natural bezoar, the price of every gram is in thousands of yuan, individual large and good, the price is also tens of thousands of yuan. Yubao, commonly known as fish bite, is rarely noticed. It is really an important medicine that is not often used. It's stones in fish intestines. Because common fish appear rarely yu bao. Often found in sharks, whales and other large sea creatures. Extremely difficult to see, will cause it not to enter the commonly used medicinal materials in the book.


Fish treasure




The value of fish treasure is reflected in the element calcium, a metal element with the symbol Ca, which is located in the fourth period of the periodic table of chemical elements and appears as silver-white crystal at room temperature. Animal bones, clam shells and eggshells all contain calcium carbonate. It can be used as deoxidizer for alloy, dehydrating agent for oil, reducing agent for metallurgy, desulfurizing and decarbonizing agent for iron and ferroalloy and getter in electron tube. Its compounds have many USES in industry, construction and medicine. The medicinal efficacy of yubao is mainly used for clearing heat, detoxifying, resolving phlegm and calming nerves. It has a calming effect on the body. Fish can also be used as medicine, extract nutrients and so on. The livers of cod, sharks, or rays, for example, are the main source of fish liver oil (vitamins A and D). Hydrolyzed protein, cytochrome C, lecithin and cephalin can be extracted from various kinds of fish. Pufferfish liver contains tetrodotoxin, which can be extracted to treat neuropathy, spasms, tumors and other diseases. Bile from large fish can be extracted from "calcium salts of bile pigments", which are used to make bezoar. Because natural fish are so valuable, fish must be more than one year old to have a "winning rate" of one in a million. This fish treasure, in the form of milky white shuttle, with a complete and shiny surface, is a rare collection. 


Have the collector that likes to collect commonly and a few high end crowd use this content as medicine to lead, more have very person, make it pendant is hanged on the neck serves as adornment, have the effect that avoids calamity and dispels evil. In short, rarely seen, there is a higher appreciation and medicinal value.